Tornado Damage Update Lousiville MS June 2015 on a Ninja

by Wade Baskin on June 8, 2015

Over 1 year later, after April 28, 2014 when an F4 changed our lives, we’re still putting things back together. We’re also discovering that glass shards and debris tend to find the most unique places to hide!

Regardless, another step forward was made this week as I got my damaged Ninja all fixed up. I decided to take it out with my GoPro Hero3 (helmet mount) and do a quick update video on the tornado damage in my immediate area: Richardson Rd., Henry Moore St., Wood St., McCullough Rd., and Hwy 14/E. Main St.

Take a ride with me as we survey the changes since “the storm” as we call it. Many houses are simply gone, a lot of us are rebuilding, and yes – we’re not done! We have about a month until we plan to be back in our house still being repaired.

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