Storm Cloud Time Lapse

by Wade Baskin on July 24, 2015

This footage was shot in one day. We had a huge number of thunderstorms come and go. Flood warnings were also blaring non-stop.

I live on a high point in our neighborhood, and we just moved back into my house after rebuilding it since April 28, 2014. It has taken over a year to recover from a record setting F4 tornado that took 600 homes and 10 lives in our town numbering 6000. For the full story (pics and video), be sure to Go HERE.

The landscape is completely different and the storm paths have definitely changed. I actually love stormy weather and mother nature fascinates me, but I have a new respect for her wild destructive power. When storm clouds approach, my appreciation remains but with added caution.

I by no means am a pro at videography or photography, but I love capturing beauty and it’s faster than trying to draw or paint it – ha!

I hope you enjoyed the short video, and I look forward to your comments and questions – hit me below!

Tips on Shooting Time Lapse:

I use the Panasonic AG HVX200 video camera with an FS100 drive attached to it. It makes it so easy by simply setting your time lapse using the drive.  Here is a bonus video 🙂

Hit me with your questions and comments!





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