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by Wade Baskin on December 16, 2016

14938256_10154633384800786_1822770451419707600_nForgive the absence! I installed some interesting software that allowed my blog to be smashed! It has taken me a while to return, and I finally made it! So, forgive any articles that may not have been recovered … or anything in general that just looks crazy.

Regardless, I’m back, and I look forward to sharing great material with you that can only help. Learn from my mistakes and also my wins!

I have one daughter out college, and now she is heading up my practice marketing. She is engaged and soon to be married. Wow. My son is a junior at MSU, and my youngest is finishing her eighth grade year. Time is flying and it is true that it goes fast regarding your kids so revel in every moment you have with them. I’m lucky to have taken this advice, and I still enjoy grabbing all of them together for outings – skiing trips being my preference.

At this point in time, I’m booming in my practice even though I’m surrounded by chop shop therapy outfits. I’ve aligned myself with the best of the best in the world in both practice and marketing so I can continue to ensure the growth of my company in order to serve our communities with only the best physical therapy services available. It’s sad to see so many people going to other therapy settings getting “traditional therapy” and substandard results – it’s my mission to stop this. Physical Therapy is a powerful method of restoring health and vitality when used at it’s highest levels. Most PT’s simply get their doctorate, get their license then take a job punching a clock. Some even go work for other doctoring professions like physicians. That’s strange in that what other doctoring profession do you know of that gets out of school and goes to work for another doctoring profession. Again – weird.

My friends, when you have an ache, pain, or a physical problem that is keeping you from operating at your best, go to your private practice Physical Therapist. These are your die hard PT’s that love what they do and they had the balls to open their own practice and put their skills to the ultimate test. Only a select few in the US have done this. There are other good therapists out there, but when you go to a therapist who’s livelihood depends on how good his or her results are with each patient, don’t you think that’s the kind of care you deserve? Or, do you want to go to the one who works a job at the local hospital outpatient department, the local PT chain, or the PT that works for the doctor’s group? You do have a choice. And only one choice guarantees you the best chance of getting the absolute best care.

Secret: it all costs the same! No matter how specialized they are, all PT costs about the same! So, it makes sense to seek out the best and go to them. You can go to the PT chain (like Drayer, Encore, Results Physio or the like) and get the typical heat, electrical stimulation, and some exercise….Or you can go to your private practice PT, get a thorough exam that will probably surprise you, get results the very first visit that definitely will surprise you, and you’ll say, “I didn’t know PT could do that.” You might even wonder why your doctor didn’t send you there in the first place! The answer is simple, life is about relationships, and your physician probably has a relationship with the other PT facility…usually financial and possibly familial. If your Physician works for the hospital then he or she may have to refer you to the hospital PT only.

If your Physician has employed his own PT (again, that’s weird, and in some states illegal), then of course, he or she will refer you to their outfit. The selling point is that they have their own PT that’s right here and works closely with the physicians so as to offer the best care. Well, it just doesn’t work that way as PT’s don’t need MD’s in the same building to provide the best care. Sounds good though when they say it. My mom even went for it!

The other special PT’s are the ones that choose to work for private practices because they believe in their vision and mission.  In fact most of them run as far as they can from the hospital and corporate PT cultures as they grind you away while they bill the heck out of patients using your PT license. These PT’s love the freedom to practice this amazing science and art, and private practice allows them to do that.

The Best news: we still live in the USA where freedom of choice remains (for now). You can choose to go to your own PT

That brings me to this. You definitely want to have your own PT. You want that PT that you connect with, that you trust, and who you can depend on. They will be keeping your body going for many years through the minor pings to the major pangs. Drugs and surgery are your other choices that generally don’t sound very good. PT is the only profession trained to get your body to get out of pain and get back to living using safe, natural methods that don’t have side-effects that can kill you. And the good PT’s use state of the art methods that work pretty fast and can handle the strangest of conditions.

Just so you know: PT’s that work for my clinic have to pass 4 tests before they get an interview: aptitude, IQ, skills, and personality. Show me any other outfit that does this, and I’ll show you the best PT clinic in that area. Our PT’s are dedicated to the patient and they are passionate about learning more and more everyday.  These guys are few and far between, and you’re lucky to find one. When you do, stick with them.

Rant over – as you can tell, I love my profession, and I love what it can do for people who have physical ailments.

Let’s see, since I last wrote, we’ve recovered from the tornado basically. We still have too many storage units with damaged stuff in them. I think it’s emotionally hard to go back into them and take action. I’ve jumped back into practice full time to build it to where it needs to be and to make it the #1 most sought after PT clinic to attend and to work for. We’ve had a great year – an amazing year, even though a chain PT (corporate PT) clinic came to our little small town. I learned how to not lose anymore of my hard earned money on investments (ha!), my inlaws are soon to move into town which is a good thing as it’s that time, and we’re about to have our 2nd Christmas in our rebuilt home – blessed.





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